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If you are serious about attracting more high ticket clients in dozens of lucrative niches, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve provided mini-blueprints in the form of blog posts that are filled with strategies and tactics to get you more clients, at higher fees consistently.  

The strategies have been organized by industry below:


Blog Posts

The 8 Lucrative Medical Niches Every Marketing Consultant Should Be Targeting...

Today I want to take a few minutes today and share with you the medical niches you can successfully target with the medical marketing course. But more importantly I'm going to tell you why certain medical niches make sense while other medical niches don't. Let's jump right in: Meaning that they are advertising to get patients. The most common ones in the consu [...]

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"I've Given Up On The Restaurant Niche..."

. If you're targeting the restaurant niche, I feel your pain. The restaurant niche is a quagmire. Restaurant owners on average invest over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars on equipment to open up a restaurant and then quibble with you over a few hundred dollars. Why? Because generally speaking, it's a low-ticket client niche. The sweet spot is usually betw [...]

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"Honestly, why even bother targeting restaurant owners?..."

. Sometimes in business, you hit a roadblock and it forces you to stop and ask yourself if continuing in that direction is even worth your time. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), I've been at that point several times. In some cases, I gave up and moved on. However, in other cases, I regrouped, refocused and redoubled my efforts and broke t [...]

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Tired of convincing restaurant owners that they need a website?"

. In my opinion, there is no bigger waste of time than trying to "convince" a restaurant owner that they need a website. As a general rule of life, I don't spend one minute trying to sell anybody something they don't want unless it's literally life or death. Of course, I spend the time to learn about them and their business, but if after all of that digging, I discover [...]

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The Easy D.I.Y. Daily Action Plan That ANY Consultant Can Use To Get High Ticket Clients

. Small hinges swing big doors. That's what comes to mind when I get a email from a consultant who just seems stuck in a rut. Sometimes consultants just needs to tweak things a bit but most times consultants struggle because they don't actually have a working daily plan that gets them to where they "say" they're trying to go. That's why many of my "free" advice emai [...]

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