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Expert Positioning Specialist

Want To Pivot Your Agency (Or Start A New Agency) In A New Industry?

...But Don’t Have Case Studies, Testimonials Or Proof You Can Use To Get Clients?

It’s one thing to “want” to pivot (or start) a agency in a new niche, BUT it’s a completely different thing to actually get paying clients in that new niche!


Especially when you don’t have a proven track record or expert positioning resources such as a…

  • …industry-specific agency website
  • …credibility-establishing published book
  • …authority-building marketing course
  • …proven client fulfillment systems

Without proof or credibility, you’re fighting a uphill battle to get clients in that industry!


Plus because you’re new to that niche, it’s highly likely you’ll feel like a fraud (aka. imposter syndrome) while secretly hoping prospects don’t notice or ask!


That’s exactly why our done-for-you resources allow ANY consultant (newbie or veteran) to quickly enter lucrative niches like:

  • dental
  • chiropractic
  • medspas
  • restaurants
  • home mortgages
  • real estate
  • and more!

…and instantly establish massive credibility, authority and help you get paying clients fast.


Get the details to see exactly how we can transform YOU or YOUR agency into a niche-specific marketing expert.

Here's What Agency Owners Say About Our Done-For-You Expert Positioning Systems

“The quality and content is a great all-around product and I’m using it to have additional revenue coming into my agency.”

Ron Seawood
Marketers Journal

“…the material is excellent and extremely complete…I’d highly recommend any of Chris’s products because they’re very well done and well put together…Some of the best training I’ve ever seen for small businesses.”


Michael & Teresa Blaes
Two Blind Marketers & Associates

“If you’re looking to grow your business to the next level, you should talk to Chris Rivers today.”


Matthew Lee
Agency Owner

"...have given me instant, well researched credible funnels that help me intercept and help my chosen audience."

I’ve purchased all of Chris’s products both old and new (bar his restaurant niche) and they have given me instant, well researched credible funnels that help me intercept and help my chosen audience.

Tony Lynch

Agency Owner, Rapid Web Results

"...you'd be doing yourself a favor by making use of Chris' product range - I have all of them by the way."

“I know my customers won’t feel short changed when they buy from me and will have confidence in the future when they decide to take advantage of my other services to help build there business. That future confidence I will owe in no small fashion to the quality of Chris’ products.”

Byron Coke

CEO & Publisher

"Every course that you release is loaded with "been there, done that" experience...the tactics and strategies offer have been tested and proven."

“I love most about your products is that I have learned from experience that I can trust the accuracy and integrity of your products…It’s not a bunch of hypothetical guesses about what could probably work like you get with a lot of other less experienced marketers.”

Joanne Mason

Agency Owner

"I did my homework, and found Chris to be extremely trustworthy, in that his courses come from a place of personal experience."

“If you are trying to start a local consulting firm, or to add revenue streams to what you’re already doing, I urge you to consider Chris’s material. It’s rock solid and will be a huge benefit to you.”

Jeanne Kolenda

Marketing Agency Owner

Instantly Become A Marketing Authority In ANY Local Niche & Get Clients…Fast!

We help transform small marketing agencies from “best kept secrets” into successful niche-specific agencies even if you’re a new agency or pivoting your existing agency to a new niche!

If you’re a small marketing agency or one-man-band consultancy, then our done-for-you systems can instantly give you massive credibility, authority and a blueprint to get clients in ANY high ticket small business niches in 30 days or less!

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