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“Here Are The Lucrative Medical Niches You Should Be Targeting…”

Today I want to take a few minutes today and share with you the medical niches you can successfully target with the medical marketing course.
But more importantly I’m going to tell you why certain medical niches make sense while other medical niches don’t.
Let’s jump right in:
When it comes to selecting a specific target market in the medical industry, you want to target medical niches that you commonly see advertising direct to consumers.
Meaning that they are advertising to get patients.
The most common ones in the consulting world like dentists, chiropractors, weight loss practices immediately come to mind.
However, there are many more.
In the medical industry, the medical niches to target that will be the most responsive to your marketing messages are the “elective care” practices.
Think of elective care practices as practices that help patients on a as-needed optional basis.
In most cases they never see the patient again once the treatment is completed unless there is a related problem or they come back for a related treatment.
Also, elective care practices may not have a steady stream of referrals from other doctors and practices so they are forced to consistently invest in marketing and advertising.
That’s exactly what you want.
So here some examples of elective care niches you can target that also have a high dollar amount customer value:
– Podiatrists
– Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeons
– Anti-Aging and aesthetic clinics
– Optometrists
– Neurosurgeons
– Ophthalmologists
– Medical Weight Loss
– Pain Clinics
– Chiropractors
– Medical spa
– Dentists
– Dermatologists
– And any sub-specialties of any of the niches above.
As you can see from the list above, there is a ton of opportunity in the medical industry to make your mark.
However, you need to make sure you have your systems in place to quickly target each sub-niche to test the viability of the niche in your target market and then roll out your full campaigns when you find the winners.
Chris Rivers, MBA

Chris Rivers is the founder of Instant Consultant Credibility and specializes in helping consultants quickly enter lucrative consulting niches and establish expert positioning, become a marketing authority and build funnels that attract, convert and upsell high ticket clients.

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