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The 3 Types Of Lead Generation Systems You Must Use To Consistently Get High Ticket Consulting Clients

. This past weekend, I was re-reading a old Dan book and I came across this passage that really opened my eyes. In this passage, he’s talking about transitioning from chasing prospects to attracting prospects. Here’s what he said: “Yes, you can hunt successfully. Hunt vigorously and get clients quickly, from just a week or […]

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Why Old School Prospecting Methods Won’t Always Work To Get High Ticket Clients

. I know some trainers, coaches and guru’s teach that you have to keep doing the hardcore prospecting (cold-calling, email blasting & blind messaging) for as long as you’re in business. But here’s the reality: Michael Jordan couldn’t be the #1 basketball player forever. Tiger Woods couldn’t dominate the game of golf forever. Babe Ruth […]

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How To Get Clients From Local Chambers of Commerce!

How To Get Clients From Local Chambers of Commerce!

This is a step-by-step blueprint that reveals how you can get your local chambers of commerce to consistently send you clients each month without having to join the chamber or pay membership fees.

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