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“Honestly, why even bother targeting restaurant owners?…”


Sometimes in business, you hit a roadblock and it forces you to stop and ask yourself if continuing in that direction is even worth your time.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), I’ve been at that point several times.

In some cases, I gave up and moved on. However, in other cases, I regrouped, refocused and redoubled my efforts and broke through the roadblock.

By the way, knowing whether to quit or press through is part art and part science. And only you will know which one you really want to do.

I’ve learned that no matter which one I choose, it ultimately comes down to focusing on doing something different so that I can get a different result.

And that’s especially true when it comes to picking a niche like the restaurant industry.

Sometimes it can be so hard in this niche that you could begin to question your sanity. Don’t freak out. It’s a difficult niche to break into for several reasons.

Mostly, it’s more difficult because restaurant owners get hit up hard and heavy by ad reps from all types of companies.

This includes everybody from the local newspaper reps, valpak folks and special local publications to telemarketing companies that sell placemats.

And that doesn’t even count the online people who have scraped the restaurant owner’s contact information and are now hammering the heck out of their email and phone.

So, if it’s so bad, why even target the restaurant niche at all?

Well, there are several major reasons which make it worth your while.

First, restaurant owners spend an enormous amount of money to start and run restaurant. In fact many have run out of money before they’ve even served their first meal.

Crazy right?

But the ones that make it, know that they have to spend money on advertising. They know that there is simply no way around it.

They have no delusions that they’ll be able to do it with only word of mouth, yellow page ads or flyers. They usually go for the big strategies right away.

Which brings me to the second reason.

See, not only are they already spending money when you contact the average restaurant owner, but they know that they have to keep spending money.

And because restaurant owners are already spending money left and right, they are more receptive to investing more money.

Plus, the smart restaurant owners know that they have to spend money to even have a prayer of competing with the guy down the street.

Lastly, according the National Restaurant Association, there are over 600,000+ restaurants in the United States that will generate hundreds of billion alone.

That’s a huge target market for us as consultants to tap into.

So, when you put it all of this together, it means that the restaurant niche has huge potential.

But, that only matters if you actually come up with a consistent way to find and attract the right type of restaurant owners to hire you.

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Chris Rivers, MBA

Chris Rivers is the founder of Instant Consultant Credibility and specializes in helping consultants quickly enter lucrative consulting niches and establish expert positioning, become a marketing authority and build funnels that attract, convert and upsell high ticket clients.

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